IMG_9420.jpgOur postwoman dropped off this package with my name on it today. I’m going to be a bridesmaid!

Bridesmaid S is one half of our Crossfit Doppelganger Couple. We all started dating at the same time, which then led to several double dates and a great friendship. About a year ago, Bridesmaid S got an out-of-state job offer she couldn’t refuse, and so our Doppelganger Couple moved halfway across the country.

We were sad. So we did what all long-distance doppel couples do, and immediately planned a vacation together. A vacation which turned out to be more than just a vacation!

Bridesmaid S played a crucial role in Tait’s proposal. See, the proposal wasn’t a total suprise. After all, we had shopped for my ring together and discussed timelines, so I knew the proposal was imminent. But the exact deets were a mystery to me. I made one request of Tait – to “make sure that I look pretty.” As 90% of my wardrobe is leggings and tank tops, this might have been a bit too strong of a request.

And so Tait found himself scheming with Bridesmaid S to craft the perfect proposal. Trying to fulfill my requirement, he considered somewhere down by the water after dinner, but Bridesmaid S immediately shot that down.

Tait: “But she said I have to make sure she looks pretty.”Bridesmaid S: “Sophia always looks pretty.”

And with those fateful words, my fate was sealed. Tait decided that there could be nothing more appropriate than proposing while on a hike in a national park. And Bridesmaid S decided that there could be nothing more appropriate than me being proposed to while dressed head to toe in Lululemon. And really, I couldn’t argue on either account.

Besides, I had a secret I was keeping from Bridesmaid S. Her boyfriend was also planning a proposal, and we had been helping him to pick out a diamond. Several months later he popped the question in Central Park. She was wearing shorts, sneakers, and a tank top.

I couldn’t be more excited to have the honor of standing up with them on their wedding day – which will be two weeks before ours! Their dream venue had just one date left for 2017, and it was two weeks before our wedding. They reached out to us to ask if that would work, and we of course said yes. If seems only fitting that we started dating simultaneously, and get married together as well. Plus, it’s going to be so much fun to have someone to talk non-stop wedding with who won’t try to gag me plan with!

June 2017 will be a crazy month for sure, but I can’t wait!