Early Friday morning, I finally had time to take our Save the Dates to the post office. I wanted to take them in in person to request that they be hand-cancelled. While the internet seems torn over whether magnets can be machined or not, I figured that it would serve as a good trial run to see if my local post office would actually hand cancel or not – there are more than a few stories on the internet of post employees saying they’ll hand cancel mail, only to find out it was machine cancelled instead. Since I’m contemplating hand calligraphy for our invites, I absolutely do not want them machine cancelled (which can mess up calligraphy), so I’m interested to see if my post office was trustworthy. The STDs are likely ok to run through the machine – so I figured it was a low-risk experiment.

So at 9:30am Friday morning, I took our STDs over to the post office, and kindly requested that they be hand cancelled. The postal service worker kindly agreed, noting that she coudln’t do it at that moment, but would get them done throughout the day. So I thanked her, left the box behind, and crossed my fingers.

And then requested that my mother and sister send a pic of the envelope when it arrives to see what really happened to them.

IMG_4964.jpgWell – my mother’s arrived today and…they were hand cancelled and machine cancelled. Really, USPS?

I can’t fault the postal service employee who I gave them to – she clearly took the time to hand cancel them as promised. But that apparently didn’t stop them from being machine cancelled as well (which, if you look at the top edge of the envelope, was none too kind).

We get it, no one is EVER using that stamp again.

Guess I’ll be coming up with a new strategy for invitations.