Now that we’re under the 1-year mark, we can finally send out our Save the Dates!

Why the wait, you may ask? Because paranoia.

As people whose calendars fill up very far in advance, we’re all for getting our wedding info out there right away (afterall, we’ve had our date on lockdown since mid-February). But as someone who has read way too much of the internet, I’ve become a wee bit paranoid.

It seems that when you send out wedding correspondence over a year out, sometimes people get…confused. They either don’t look at the year on your save the date, or forget what year it currently is, but either way the result is the same – people think the wedding that is 13 months away, is happening in a mere 4 weeks.

So in an attempt to head off any confusion of this type, I made a rule that we wouldn’t send our Save the Dates until we were less than a year from the wedding – or even better yet – July, just to be safe.


So this past week I’ve been printing and foiling and embossing and stuffing and sealing and stamping our Save the Dates. And as crazy as it sounds to put all that work into making a pretty envelope that most people won’t even take notice of before ripping it open and unceremoniously tossing it into the trash, I love them. And Tait just laughs and says he loves me.

IMG_8569 (1).jpg

But they’re done and now just need to be dropped off at the post office to be ruined hand cancelled.