As you might recall, we got our engagement pics on Friday…but not before we left for a weekend camping trip in the Land of No Service.

They…are incredible. Totally different from the stressed-out disaster day that I remember it being. It’s taken me over a week to write this post because I’ve just been clicking through the gallery over and over. There are just so many photos that make me smile that it seemed impossible to choose a handful to share here (seriously, I favorited over 200 pics).

Are there pics I don’t love? Of course. There are some that I look at and say, “Ugh, my arms look so fat,” or “I have triple chins,” or “I’m making the weirdest face.” I think the most frustrating ones are where I look at my make-up and you can see a clear line where the make-up artist failed to blend the foundation that’s three shades too dark along my jawline. But for all the ones that I look at wrinkle my nose, there are five that melt my heart.

I simply cannot recommend Pat Robinson Photography enough. Pat is so much fun to work with, his pictures are stunning, and he’s fast! Shoot on Sunday, and pics ready Friday? Yes, please.

Without further ado, here are a few of our favorites (it was so hard to choose)!PR2_2153.jpgPR2_2161.jpgPR2_2193.jpgPR2_2119.jpgPR2_2245.jpgPR2_2213.jpgPR2_2348.jpgPR2_1523.jpgPR2_1656.jpgPR2_1757.jpgPR2_1878.jpgPR2_1902.jpgPR2_2023.jpgPR2_2274.jpgPR2_2290.jpgPR2_2364.jpgPR2_2408.jpg

Pat even humored us with a handstand (fail) picture. Because #handstandseverywhere.