Been a couple days since I’ve tangled, as Tait and I were in Delaware this weekend to have our engagement photos taken. If you don’t live in the Northeast, you might not know that yesterday had some severe thunderstorms in the forecast for the evening. Not exactly ideal picture-taking weather. We got the pics taken, but it was a bit of a crazy, stressful day leading up to them, and now I’m just filled with anxiety that we’ll get them back and I’ll hate them all. Not because the pictures are bad – we have an amazing photographer – but because I’ll hate how I look in all the pictures. I know it’s silly to agonize over something that I have no control over now, but…well…wedding. That’s my excuse for the next year: wedding. Weddings make you crazy.

Today’s tangle is a bit weird. I just wasn’t feeling like a border today, so I didn’t. And it’s a crazy shape. Not sure if I like it or not, so I’m just gonna stare at it for a bit.

IMG_8320.jpgThe lesson was about learning to deconstruct and reconstruct patterns. I love the idea of this, but damn it is difficult!

IMG_8325.jpgNew patterns are Florz and Onamato. Patterns used in the tangle are Florz, Onamato, Isochor, Fescu, Static, Amaze, Flux, Echoism, Vega, Printempts, and Mooka.