Well, sorta pretty. Still have a lot of practicing to do! Rather than Zentangling today, I took my first go at Dip Pen Calligraphy. No, I haven’t finished all the Fauxligraphy sheets yet, but I just couldn’t resist trying out the dip pen and ink (and truth be told, the dip pen is SO MUCH more fun).

Part of the reason it’s suggested that you start with fauxligraphy is to get the feel for the shape of the letters, so that when you transition to the dip pen, you can concentrate on the differing pressure you need to apply while forming the letters, rather than the letter shapes themselves. I actually found varying the pressure on the pen to be quite natural and easy to learn – the letter shapes are the much more difficult part for me. So I figure I might as well keep going with the dip pen while practicing the letter shapes more.

I’m also going to cut back on the daily Zentangles. As most people who have found they’ve bitten off more than they can chew, I just simply can’t keep up with doing a daily tangle AND practicing calligraphy AND getting all my grading done AND teaching AND writing my dissertation (not to mention sleeping, eating, cleaning, working out, etc). Something’s gotta give. That said, I like my bit of art therapy each day, so for right now I’m going to try to (roughly) alternate between Calligraphy practice and Zentangling. There might be a few days at a time of Calligraphy, or a few days at a time of Tangles – just depends on the day itself and my mood. So I’m still tangling, but it’s gong to take me a bit longer to finish the book than expected.