Missed doing my tangle yesterday, as I literally didn’t have a spare hour. Today I had to present to my dissertation group, so yesterday (and all of this morning) was spent doing a lot of last minute very technical reading and trying to figure out what on Earth I was going to say. But I figured something out, made my presentation, and now think I officially have nailed down my dissertation project! In any case, I’m supposed to have a prospectus draft written by the beginning of fall…


So anyway, here’s my post-talk tangle. It was a very needed bit of non-philosophical activity. I didn’t have much patience for practice sketches, though, especially as today’s lesson didn’t introduce any new tangles, but rather focused on tangelations. So I did a few quick sketches and just got to tangling. Oh, and MAJOR NEWS. I figured out how to open up Mooka – turns out that I WAS DRAWING IT BACKWARDS. Yep, I was starting in the middle and rolling outwards, which makes it nearly impossible to overlap the fingers…once I realized that Mooka starts from the outside and works in – mind blown.


Patterns used include tangelations of poke root, printemps, festoon, mooka, amaze, fescu, hollibaugh, knights bridge, shattuck, isochor, tipple, and crescent moon. I don’t (think) I’ve missed any.