I only needed a new pen, but I walked out of the art store yesterday with two Pigma Micron 01 pens, a black 2H pencil, blending stubs, and an eraser. Still, thanks to student discounts, it was all less than $10 so I’m calling it a win.

Using the new materials is a bit of a learning curve. The pen is finer than the previous one I was using, and the pencil is much softer and darker. So I have to lighten my tough a bit. The blending stub is quite fun – much more efficient that I ever suspected a tightly rolled piece of paper could be.


New patterns today were Poke Root, Festune, and Hollibaugh.

IMG_8295.jpgTangle includes Poke Root, Festune, Hollibaugh, Knights Bridge, Nekton, Fescue, and Tipple.