And I’ve already broken my pen. Le sigh.

I was not using the official Pimga Micron pens, instead opting for a black Staedler .3mm fineliner that I had already from my short-lived adult coloring  whim. As I sometimes have a tendency towards going gung-ho, buying everything, and then…fizzling out, this was an exercise in practicing restraint until I was sure Zentangling would stick. (I currently have two coloring books, a set of colored pencils, brush pens, and fineliner makers from the coloring impulse that lasted a mere two weeks).

So it looks like I’ll be swinging by the art supply store on my way to the box today to grab a Pigma Micron pen.


Today’s new patterns are Knights Bridge, Nekton, and Fescu.

IMG_8277.JPGThe tangle uses these patterns as well as yesterday’s Static, Tipple, and Crescent Moon. My tangle has some pretty messy lines from the broken pen tip.