My Zentangle project stuff arrived today – but not before I had to head off to my weekly dissertation group meeting.

Guys, it’s really hard for me to sit through 2 hours of anything with nothing else to occupy me. In fact, sitting through these long meetings is the main driver for wanting to learn to doodle. Well, this morning I couldn’t help but think how I wish I had splurged for one-day shipping rather than waiting on Prime (what does it say about us that Two Day Free shipping still seems really long?)

Instead, I made another impulsive – but instant delivery – purchase. I bought a set of calligraphy worksheets from The Postman’s Knock.

I fell down the calligraphy rabbit hole when I started dreaming about wedding invitations. Somehow (Pinterest) I got stuck in my head the idea of kraft envelopes with white writing. The only issue? You can’t print in white. I say “print” because my long-term plan has been to pick out some pretty handwritten calligraphy font, mail merge the addresses in Illustrator, and print them all out perfectly onto the envelopes. Because my handwriting sucks. I typically write in all caps, and my students tell me that about 1/3 of what I write is illegible. So handwriting envelopes – if I wanted them to look pretty – was out of the question.

I started googling, and came up with a few options. The most obvious and straightforward option – learn calligraphy. Sure…except for that whole thing about how terrible my handwriting is. Still, my sadistic tendencies had me researching it anyway, and so I stumbled upon The Postman’s Knock. Lindsey’s envelopes are To. Die. For. They also very quickly convinced me that I would never be able to learn calligraphy. So I put that idea aside, but still regularly checked her blog for the eye candy.

Until this morning. For the price of a latte, Linsdey sells sets of calligraphy worksheets to learn a single style of calligraphy. Lindsey’s lessons begin with using an ordinary pen, rather than a fancy dip calligraphy pen, so it was easy to justify dropping $5 on an activity I’d likely fail miserably at. The worksheets are a digital download, so I was able to pay, print, and run out the door to my meeting with them – I now had an activity to keep my hands busy for the next 2 hours!

IMG_8279.JPGIMG_8280.JPGI surprised even myself. Am I calligraphy master? Far from it. I look at my letters and can see how off they are. But when I look at the complete sheets as a whole, rather than individual letters, even I had to admit it’s not half bad. So, for now at least, I’m working on two art projects. We’ll see how this goes.

IMG_8274 2.JPGDay 1 of Zentangling began by learning the Static, Tipple, and Crescent Moon patterns, as well as developing a signature set of initials for my pieces. Each day introduces new patterns that you practice before creating a Zentangle with the patterns.IMG_8275.JPGFirst tangle!