Now that things are official, I decided I wanted to make it official with my ladies as well. I’ve known for a while who my bridesmaids would be (contingent upon their consent, of course) and was anxious to get to ask them. It was simply a matter of how to go about it.

Of course, I could call each of them and make this really simple. However, being a lover of all things Pinterest and cutesy myself, I wanted to do a bridesmaid proposal gift. So I Googled, Pinterested, and Etsied my heart out, and saw personalized bottles of wine,  whimsical mugs, and snarky awesome cards.


Since each of them live out of town, I needed something I could mail easily – which meant wine bottles were out. I loved the snarky cards, but I was looking for something a bit more than a card for my ladies. Mugs were awesome, but felt a bit too wintery – even the Etsy description listed it as perfect for a Christmas wedding. And then I found it – a candle. It’s small enough to mail,  had just the right rustic aesthetic, and who doesn’t like candles?


The only problem? The Etsy seller no longer exists. That’s right – I couldn’t purchase the  perfect proposal gift. #weddingproblems

After pouting about it, obsessively googling the company (to no avail) to try to find contact info so that I could persuade them to make me candles anyway, and then reconsidering my other options, I finally arrived at that question that all desperate brides ask eventually – how hard could it be to make them myself?